What is Construction Finance?Construction projects can be incredibly difficult to finance, given the high up front costs and transport of raw materials such as cement and aggregates, as well as high working capital costs which may not be repaid for several months after completion. Construction FinanceThe global construction market is predicted to grow by over 75% in the next 10 years, offering large opportunities for UK businesses operating in this sector.

Construction contributes nearly £90bn to the UK economy, which is 6. The UK government also supports growth in the UK construction industry – it’s a huge opportunity, which already fuels 2. At Trade Finance Global, our team can not only assess and advise your business, but also suggest the most appropriate financing mechanism, working with expert funders and financiers to help bridge the gap in your supply chain. Construction finance is often difficult and time consuming to obtain, especially for tradesmen or businesses which need to tender for large building contracts.

Examples of construction finance: You want to purchase stock and have customers/ buyers Your business is creditworthyHow the transaction worksWhen a customer wants to finance construction projects or materials, we will assist in creating a financing solution at the best rate that is based on your businesses circumstances. What is the SIC Code for Constructon finance?The SIC Code is 41201 (Construction of commercial buildings)Other SIC Codes that could also be used are:41202 Construction of domestic buildings42110 Construction of roads and motorways42120 Construction of railways and underground railways42130 Construction of bridges and tunnels42210 Construction of utility projects for fluids42220 Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications42910 Construction of water projects42990 Construction of other civil engineering projects n. TestimonialsAs a result of the recovery from the economic downturn, my company was finally able to compete for large tenders and roof installation projects, and Trade Finance Global worked with specialist financiers to advance customer bills immediately and allow me to grow my company to fulfil the orders.