Construction TradesChloe Ives - Building MaintenanceChloe is working at Holmsley Nursing Home on a Level 2 Building Maintenance Multi-Trade Repair & Refurbishment apprenticeship. BiographyPrevious School: Sidmouth College"I’ve got qualifications in hairdressing, beauty therapy and I was a carer.

I was always told that it was just a phase that I wanted to do something a bit more ‘manly’.

But ‘girl’ stuff was really boring! I like to prove people wrong The relationship between regulation and trade in construction services . construction services and provides mini company case studies on the driving it seems useful to review this information by way of background to get a sense of..

"In my apprenticeship, I’m doing general maintenance on the building.

If I was to stay in education I don’t think I would be able to afford it. "On the course, we’re learning skills you can take everywhere. I was really nervous about people on the course being judgemental, but it was fine. "BiographyPrevious School: Bishop Fox’s School, Taunton"I live in Lynton, and I chose this course because it’s not currently offered in Barnstaple.

I’m renovating my house and I want to get a bit more knowledge UK Trade Customers- order print books via Marston Book Services Modern Construction Case Studies presents planned, under construction and completed, .

"I’m employed as a tree surgeon, so I study the course part-time. "I would like to progress to the Level 2 but I’m also interested in plastering.

" Dan is on a Built Environment Advanced Apprenticeship (distance learning) and works at Lilly Lewarne in TruroBiographyJob title: Trainee Architectural Technician What were you doing before you started the apprenticeship?Before this apprenticeship, I completed a Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, working as a reception worker for the company. My duties were mainly to complete administrative tasks and answer the phone.

What are your main tasks at work?I am now training as an architectural technician, and assume the role of one. This means that I am completing planning applications and even completing Building Regulations Packages for clients.

I am using many programmes for drafting, such as AutoCad and REVIT Case Studies - Engineering & Construction-Case-1. Engineering & Construction. Leading European Castings Manufacturer. Leading European Castings .

Why did you choose an apprenticeship route?We felt as a collective that it would be better for me to complete an apprenticeship, as this gave me the best way to learn.

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All in all we felt that this is the most efficient way for me and the company. What do you see as the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?The ability to have the opportunity in a real working environment.

This route benefits by giving experience and, in my opinion, a more practical way of learning. For students such as myself, I learn more in a more practical way than I do in a theory way.

What do you think the benefits are from an employer’s point of view?The employer gets to see your progression. This is vital so that the employer is happy with the direction everything is heading.

The employer will also be able to have input to the education, assisting as much as possible and tailoring the experience accordingly. As well as the learning benefits, the company will also gain a member of the workforce that can contribute whilst learning.

How are you finding the distance learning?Distance learning is a difficult thing to do; it takes a lot of self-discipline to complete the work asked for and the support is not available in the same way that it is in a classroom Our construction finance team are experts in funding up front costs and bills immediately and allow me to grow my company to fulfil the orders. Case Study..

Planning of work is vital and regular contact is a must.

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However, I get plenty of support from the tutors and when I require assistance I get it. What is the long-term plan? Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?My future plan is to continue down the architectural route and become a CIAT registered technician.

Once I have done that I will look at my options and possibly take the route of becoming a CIAT registered technologist. BiographyMid Devon CampusEmployer: Mark Fisher Carpenters Ltd“I grew up helping my dad, who is a carpenter, and always really enjoyed it, so studying carpentry at college just seemed like the obvious choice after I completed my GCSEs.

I am currently on a Level 2 apprenticeship, working for my dad – Mark Fisher Carpenters Ltd, based in Tiverton. I really like the fact that every day is different, depending on what projects my dad is currently working on.

At the moment we’re doing a barn conversion, installing the timber frame and fitting the windows, doors, skirting and architrave. This is a very practical course, as you would expect, which really suits me, as I’ve always learnt better doing hands-on work, rather than in an academic environment. I feel like I’ve got a good balance by doing an apprenticeship, as there are some things which I learn at college which I don’t have the opportunity to do at work, and vice versa.

This gives me a much more varied skills set than if I was just in the workplace or just on a college course.

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After I complete this study programme I’ll be moving onto the Level 3 Enhabit's expertise in engaging, assessing & collaborating with construction trades leads to better onboarding, improved performance & field work..

The plan is to stay with my dad and then maybe one day become a partner in his business.

The industry definitely seems to be picking up at the moment, and there seems to be a lot of upcoming work on new builds and restorations, so I’m excited for the future. ”Employer: Barton Plumbing and Heating, Tiverton“At school I was never particularly academic, so I knew I wanted to do a course at college where I’d be doing a lot of hands-on learning.

I’d heard that there is money to be made in the trades, if you’re prepared to work hard and put in the hours. I’ve always considered myself a hard worker, so I started looking into the possibility of doing an apprenticeship.

I‘d also heard that there was a lot of plumbing work in the area, so I asked around many different employers. However, they all said they weren’t taking on apprentices at the moment. Petroc knew I was looking for an apprenticeship and not long after this an employer contacted the college to say they were looking for an apprentice, and then the college contacted me.

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And, from an employer’s perspective, they get to teach you exactly what it is their clients need and expect and shape you to fit their business.

As well as learning on the job, I also spend a day at college Case Studies - Engineering & Construction-Case-2 Market mapping study to get an overview of the Indian medical technology sector, electronic sector, .

The facilities in the new Future Technologies Centre are fantastic. There’s always plenty of room to work and I’ve never gone to get something and it not be there; it’s well stocked with all the latest equipment.

When I complete the Level 2 I will go straight onto the Level 3 apprenticeship. Then I’d like to start specialising and will look into additional courses.

Although I’m happy working as an employee at the moment, eventually I can 100% imagine running my own business and maybe even taking on an apprentice of my own one day. ”Jack Barker - PlumbingJack studied the Plumbing and Heating Advanced Apprenticeship (Gas) Level 3 and went on to win the UK Copper Board National Apprentice of the Year competition.

Biography"After I returned from travelling, I was out of work and was willing to give anything a go to earn some money We have provided finishing trades for the internal refurbishment to this historic building. Our highly skilled carpenters have completed work to an extremely high .

A local plumber, and a friend of mine, offered me a job as a labourer at his firm in Ashwater.

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However, I grew to really love the job and also realised that I was actually quite good at learning on the job and picking things up quickly. Shortly after joining, my employer offered me an apprenticeship.

I had already studied A Levels at Petroc, so it seemed like a natural choice to also do my apprenticeship through the college. I realised that I could make a career out of this if I wanted, and successfully became a certified plumber after completing the Level 2 qualification, and went on to win the UK Copper Board National Apprentice of the Year competition. I’m currently on the Level 3 apprenticeship, to become a gas engineer.

This will open up more opportunities for me, as I’ll be more skilled and therefore more employable. Ultimately, this will hopefully mean I can earn a higher wage when I complete my course. Eventually I can see myself doing the Level 4, which is a degree-level qualification.

However, this is something most people do after they have been working in the industry for a while and have gained lots of experience, so it’ll be something to consider down the line Case Studies from past and present Construction Trades students..

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I am now involved in pricing and invoicing for jobs, as well as shadowing on more complex projects, which are all skills that’ll set me in good stead for the future. I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, as it’s a great way of gaining hands-on, real world experiences, all whilst getting paid.

As a result of winning the national competition I’ve given several talks to students about the benefits of doing an apprenticeship, and everyone I’ve spoken to says they find hands-on, practical work a far more enjoyable way of learning.