How it beganThe exact date, just as the total number of the lives lost during the war is still unknown. Some experts say the war was in a way a continuation of the First World War that ended in are of the view that Japan's seizing of Manchuria from China was responsible.

The two most common dates that can be cited with the least controversies are July 7th 1937 and September 1st 1939.

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It led to one of the longest controversies between Japan and China. September 1st on the other hand is when Germany invaded Poland.

This led to Britain and France declaring war on Adolf Hitler's Nazi state in retaliation. The End of World War IIIt is safe to state that the WWII began and ended with Japan.

The war ended on August 15th 1945 when Japan formally surrendered.

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Europeans nations especially Germany and Italy were seriously weakened by the war.

Leftist revolts then took place in their colonies in Africa and some parts of Asia. What then followed were colonial powers surrendering to the colonies peacefully or after revolts that featured Guerilla war fares.