How to write a solid World War 2 Essay Have to write an essay about one of the greatest world wars and don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how you could possibly cover all the important events and look at all the angles? The great thing is, you can’t possibly write an essay covering every facet of the war. You must narrow down to one topic within the war, and even narrow down further to exploring specific details within that one topic.

Investigating topic ideas for your essay The following questions will give you a springboard for essay topic ideas: What events started the war? Who stopped the war? Was World War II a necessary part of history? What was the role of Sweden in the war? What was the rationing of supplies that occurred during the war? What were the battles within the war? Did the war have a purpose? Narrow down your focus Now that you have settled on a somewhat broad topic, it’s time to narrow your focus.

The required length of your paper will determine how narrow you need to go. Remember that you must be able to access enough research to adequately cover your topic.

What other events going on at the time played a role in shaping peoples’ decisions? Was there something that you found unusual or shocking? Are you ready to begin research? Which comes first, the outline or the research? It’s like asking someone which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Some people argue that it’s easier to know the direction of your research if you follow an outline to find relevant articles you need. Others argue that you can’t even make an outline until you’ve done enough research to know what sub-headings to use in the outline.

Either way, the research should be a fairly exhaustive effort. No major literary work should be left unturned when writing a solid history essay.

Especially because most of the main facts and events of the war are known by many people, you will need to make sure your topic is an obscure thought or event or idea if you hope to present something new in your essay. After the writing is complete, a good proofreading and editing are the final finishing touches.

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